Las Tijeras Magicas guarantees a secure and fast purchase process.

1. Credit/debit card: by choosing this payment option, you confirm you are allowed to use your credit or debit card in the order. Once the card information is checked, the charge in the card will be made in real time through a point of purchase (POP). We do not save any card information. During the payment confirmation, the card information will be coded in a secure way, for the only purpose of making the payment to the financial institution. 

The cards are subject to verifications and authorizations of the issuing financial institution. If the financial institution does not allow the payment with this method, we will be unable to confirm the purchase agreement. 

2. PayPal: in case you have a Payal account, you can choose this payment option. If you place the order via this system, you are confirming you are allowed to use your PayPal account.

3. Bank transfer: once the purchase process is finished and the order is confirmed, you will receive a mail including our account number to make the bank transfer. The package will be dispatched once the payment is received.

If you want to accelerate this process, you can send an official bank receipt via mail to prove that the bank transfer is already made.

4. Cash on delivery: you can pay with cash at home when the package gets delivered. This service includes an extra cost included on the delivery slip. This extra fee is compulsory in this payment method. This option is also available in Spain (Peninsula and Baleares) and Portugal by choosing the following transport agencies: TIPSA, MRW and GLS.

5. SeQura: if you prefer, you can choose the SeQura payment options conforming to the terms, deadlines, and conditions of SEQURA WORLDWIDE, S.L. (from now on “SEQURA”), with a registered office in C/ d’Aragó 383, 5º, 08013, Barcelona. CIF number: B66054164, email: and telephone: 931 760 008.

SEQURA offers two different payment methods:

"Buy Now, Pay Later” according to their contract conditions: and Pay in 3” accodding to their contract conditions:

These services are external to LAS TIJERAS MAGICAS. SEQURA decides if a credit is given. This credit needs to be refunded in one or several divided payments.

If you choose SEQURA, you agree to the communication of your personal information to them.

How does the divided payment work?

  1. Choose "Pay in 3" in SeQura during the purchase process and pay only the first fee.
  2. Receive your package.
  3. The pending payments will be charged automatically to your card.

You can also pay the whole order whenever you want without any additional cost.

How much does this service cost?

The cost of this service is fixed, depending on the final amount of the order. There are not any interests or additional costs.


How does the "Buy Now, Pay Later" method work?

  1. Choose this option during the purchase process.
  2. Receive and check your order.
  3. Pay this order in 7 days time.

Without any additional cost.