Schachenmayr Soft & Easy Color

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Schachenmayr Soft & Easy Color is a yarn made of dralon® acrylic fibres, a soft, comfortable and high-quality fibre that will keep perfectly the shape of your clothes. There’s a wide range of denim colours available.

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  • Weight 100 grams
  • Length 235 metros
  • Knitting needle 4
  • Crochet Hook 4
  • Season Autumn - Winter
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Product description

Schachenmayr Soft & Easy Color is a very soft yarn made of acrylic fibres. The acrylic fibres have been treated in a special way, in order to bring a warm, nice and soft fabric perfect for all skin types.

This yarn is perfect for knitting denim clothes and accessories for children and adults, such as cardigans, sweaters, coats, scarves, etc.

Schachenmayr Soft & Easy Color is made of:

  • 100% Dralon Acrylic®

The fibre offers a really good result thanks to the dralon treatment®. This treatment makes it an anti-pilling yarn, in order words, it prevents balls and lint from coming out in the fabric.

It’s a hypoallergenic wool that won’t produce any kind of itching, irritation or redness. This material is perfect for young and old people.

You should know that Schachenmayr Soft & Easy Color…       

  • Each ball has 100 grams and 235 metres.
  • Its thickness is perfect to knit with the 4 mm knitting needles or crochet hooks.
  • Mount 19 stitches and do 26 laps to knit a 10 x 10 cm square.
  • It can be washed in the washing machine up to 30ºC.
  • Do not use the dryer. 

Amount of balls needed to…

To knit a long sleeve sweater…

  • Kids – size 6 years, you will need 400 gr = 4 balls.  
  • Woman – size M, you will need 600 gr = 6 balls.  
  • Man – size M, you will need 700 gr = 7 balls.  
  •          To knit a cap you will need 100 grams = 1 ball.
  •          To knit a kid/adult scarf you will need 200 grams = 2 balls.   

You will like to work with fibres that have been treated with dralon®. You’ll notice the soft, comfortable, resistant and long-lasting acrylic fibres.

Have you ever knitted with Schachenmayr Soft & Easy Color? Tell us your experience!    

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